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DoubleTrak Multi Tool

DoubleTrak Multi Tool

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We're really happy to have this great Multi-Tool developed by motorcycle enthusiasts EngDuro over in Canada. This amazing versitle tool allows you to get rid of multiple tools in your tool roll and stick with one handy little tool to do everything. (more or less).

Comes complete with extension and 15 bits but you can always swap that out for your own selection. The only thing I added was a 13mm socket that ataches to the included 1/4" drive adaptor.

Currently only available in the UK as awaiting CE certification to be able to sell in in Europe contact me before ordering! 

Expected arrival date is Mid-Feb 

Built from CNC milled 7075 T6 aluminum. The DoubleTrak has room for 15 bits (included) to support your maintenance needs. A clever 50mm extension is integrated into the design for convenience. EngDuro also includes a 1/4" adapter so you can use your own 1/4" sockets with this amazing tool.

Bits included for great value! Nutsetter (6mm, 8mm, 10mm), Hex (3mm ,4mm ,5mm, 6mm) Torx (T20, T25, T30, T40, T45), #1 Phillips, JIS #2 and 5.5 mm Slot/Flat, plus a ¼” hex to ¼” square drive adapter.

The DoubleTrak can be used quickly and easily to adjust your mechanical friend. For example if you need to pull off your fairings to get at your air box, remove your gas tank or re-adjust your hand guards. The DoubleTrak will quickly get done what you need to do. Thanks to the clever design, the DoubleTrak only weighs....weight for it... 200 grams fully loaded with bits - that's about as much as half a can of suds (that's right, two DoubleTraks weigh about as much as a standard can of beer). The slim design easily slips into a pocket or bag for convenience.

This premium quality tool will be appreciated by everyone... especially those that need to get back to adventuring. 


Don't just take our word for it, check out the review by Keith Jobson, if you don't know about Keith check out his channel and honest reviews here. As bikers and also KTM 500 riders we really appreciate his observations.




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