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ADVenture Ultra-Light Camping Chair

ADVenture Ultra-Light Camping Chair

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No more sore / soggy bums on your ADVentures with our ADVenture Ultra-Light Camping Chair! Kick back at the end of the day in comfort. Perfect for motorcycle trips, festivals or anywhere else you might need to rest weary bones. its high quality materials on the chair and 340Deg  molle system on the carry bag make it a must-have for any adventure. Made to withstand the rigours of ADVenture and some great features you will not find elsewhere (at time of writing) make this an ideal companion. 

The ADVenture Chair

Our ADVenture Chair is not a new design; however we re-worked it to make it even better and more usable for Motorcycle Adventure. Do not get this confused with cheaper chairs available from large supermarket chains or cheap websites, read on to see what you get with our ADVenture Chair.

Lets’ start with the bag, which actually is incredibly important, at time of writing we are the only people in the world to have put a full Molle 340Deg wrap (correct not 360Deg) Molle Strap system on it, all others only have this on one side (if it exists). This makes it far easier and way more secure to add it to other luggage or strap it to a rack. A World first from ADV Products. Pictures are with our 66cm ADV Straps (not included). The bag is made from a hardwearing polyester to ensure a decent life expectancy with the rigours of Motorcycle Travel.

The Seat Base is using Tent Pole aluminium alloy, super light and super strong with a good quality elastic to make putting the frame together really easy and really fast, literally seconds. We have tested it to 140KG as a complete chair.

The Chair Fabric again we selected a super hard wearing Polyester to ensure the life expectancy of the chair with a closed fabric at the back. For the simple reason it lasts longer than an open mesh fabric on the back which tend to sag and split. All seams are double tramline stitched and tape finished to ensure that it will last, add structure and strength.

We also added a side pocket, somewhere to stash your keys / torch / Firestick that you want to hand easily while taking a well earned rest or cooking up a campside feast.

Easy-Pull-Loop we also added (again at time of writing) a World First Webbing Easy-Pull-Loop on each corner, this has 2 purposes, the first, obviously is making the chair easier and faster to assemble the chair base to the leg poles. Secondly and importantly, it doubles around the pole pocket to ensure that poles will not tear through the pole pocket fabric, again this makes it super robust and stronger than cheaper alternatives.

So we took a great chair for camping on your motorcycle adventures, sitting round a campfire, throwing in the car for the beech and made it even better!


Overall Chair Dimensions: 

  • 535mm Wide x 520mm Deep x 670mm High
  • Seat Height 260mm

Carry Bag Dimensions

  • 350mm Wide x 130mm High x 100 mm Deep


  • Seat - Polyester
  • Carry Bag - Polyester and webbing
  • Aluminium Tent poles - Elastic connectors - Plastic seating cup



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