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Crossover 4 - Ultimate Adventure Jacket Black

Crossover 4 - Ultimate Adventure Jacket Black

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There are times when no mater what you write or what you want to write you simply cannot do a product justice, in fact, it is impossible to know where to begin, or end. So simply this, the Clover Crossover 4 is simply the Daddy of adventure jackets... Or as Clover say our Long Range Technical Touring Jacket, meaning you can take this anywhere, at any time of year in any conditions and you need nothing else but a sense of adventure. 

This jacket is so full of benefits listing the features does not do it justice you can tell the minute you start to wear and use this jacket is was made not just by enthusiast but be people who have thought about the USE of every detail and not just created a jacket to sell a load of them.  

This IS a 100% waterproof / 4 Season / Technical / Ultimate / Mile Munching Adventure Touring Jacket. 

When to use this jacket- 

Anywhere, any time, doing anything....
This IS a 100% waterproof / 4 Season / Technical / Ultimate / Mile Munching / Adventure Touring Jacket. 

What are the features / benefits?

Firstly this is a 3 layer system, each serving not only a purpose but in the case of 2 of the layers, another purpose as well, to give you the Ultimate Technical Long Distance  4 season Touring Jacket.

The External Shell - This is the part that must work it is what separates us from the road, made form the best materials available, see below for the full technical specs. In essence the outer has everything you can expect from a very high-end Jacket at a price-point that is realistic, not just trading of a brand name. Not only that it comes with 7 adjustable vents and 12 pockets. 

Inner Waterproof Shell - This laminated 100% waterproof shell uses Clover's unique Under / Over system, it is fully designed to be worn under and attached to the External Shell but also can be worn over the external shell to increase maximum protection from rain making the jacket 100% waterproof (this is our preferred way to the use shell) when not being used it can be stashed in the rear pocket, but it is also stylish enough to just use as a rain jacket when off the bike, so when you are on your adventures you do not need to pack a rain jacket for the evenings.

Thermo Shell - Integrated into the jacket is a removable, packable, reversible jacket, designed to attach to the outer shell, or use standalone, or with the inner waterproof shell, this thermo jacket will give you warmth and versatility and again mean you do not need to pack another item in your kit bag. 


It is also possible to customise this jacket by changing the pockets to colour match your motorcycle. These pockets are special order however see the listing to get an idea. 

Certification & Safety level:

 AA Level

Technical features

  • 100% waterproof long range touring jacket
  • - PPE : Personal Protective Equipment
  • - CE certification : FprEN 17092: 2019
  • - CE category Certification : "AA" Level
  • Outshell fabric: "Duratek-8 Dual Layer".
  • Waterproof "Aquazone+" inner removable jacket with "In&Out" concept
  • Inner removable Stand-Alone thermo-jacket
  • "CE" Level 2 shoulder and elbow protectors
  • "CE" EN1621-1:2012 Type Approval
  • BETAC "CBW-L2" Made in Italy Protectors
  • Ready for "CE" Level 1level 2 Back protector
  • Ready for "CE" Clover airbag Kit
  • Abrasion resistant reinforcements on shoulders and elbows
  • Refractive laminated refractive elements on frond, side and back
  • Adjustable arms and forearm with belt adjusters
  • Adjustable chest and waist with belt adjusters
  • Adjustable bottom of the jacket with elastic cord
  • Nr.8 front pockets ( nr.2 100% waterproof )
  • Nr.2 removable front pockets in order to provide ventilation panels
  • Front pockets could be applied on side of the jacket
  • Nr.1 back pocket
  • Removable back pocket


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