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Ultimate AddOns

Heated Grips - Integrated system

Heated Grips - Integrated system

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Size and Fitting

Keep your hands toasty in winter and those cold mornings starts with these award winning heated grips from Ultimate AddOns.

These are excellent, they are a sleek design so do not add on bulk to your grips unlike others, the controls are integrated to the grip so you do not have to take your hands off the bars to change the setting and do not need to find a place for the control unit. Just a simple thumb switch to operate. Mix them with some Hippo Hands and you are all set no matter where you are going this winter.

Everything you need to fit them is included, connect directly to the battery for the best performance using the lead provided, it gives a direct feed so they warm up well. 

Available in 2 widths 120mm and 130mm, to get the correct ones measure your existing grips. If your measure is under 129mm or under get the 120mm ones.

We offer fitting in KT3 / SW London or Free shipping with installation advice if you need it. 


Manufacturers Description 

These high-end advanced heated motorcycle grips will keep your hands warm whatever the weather. The grips feature an integrated switch and five different temperature settings allowing you to adjust your comfort on the move.

120mm or 130mm in length, the grips are easy to fit and use out of the box. Temperature change is always fast and safe, allowing you to adjust to sudden weather changes.

In addition, the grips are equipped with a low battery warning and will store the last used temperature setting in memory meaning less time wasted changing settings and a pair of grips that will be good to go whenever you are.

Why Our Heated Grips
. Sleek Integrated switch on the left grip, no bulky / ugly control system
. 5 temperature settings for optimal comfort
. LED colour indicator shows current temperature setting
. Fast and safe temperature change compatible
. 120mm length or 130mm models
. 22mm diameter
. Low battery alert
. Last used position stored in memory





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