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Honda CRF 300L and Rally Chain Guide

Honda CRF 300L and Rally Chain Guide

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Upgrade or renew your OEM Chain guide with the much improved Acerbis Chain guide giving greater impact resistance, better wearing and easier to change, these are better than the stock one, either wait for yours to wear out or upgrade to get an overall better performance.
This chain guide is specific for:  
- HONDA CRF 300 L 2021 2022 2023
- HONDA CRF 300 RALLY 2021 2022 2023
  • The Acerbis chain guide, replacing the original component, guarantees greater impact resistance thanks to the high-strength plastic material.

  • The guide is made in two pieces: the body and the slide, the latter replaceable once worn, also allowing you not to have to disassemble the chain when replacing the slide or the guide itself.

  • The controlled elasticity structure of the guide absorbs shocks and minimizes damage to the chain and crown.
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