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Honda CRF300L Skid Plate

Honda CRF300L Skid Plate

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Protect your undercarriage with the Acerbis Skid plate for your Honda CRF300L. There are many debates about what is best a metal or plastic skid plate and really that is for you to decide, however these are pretty bullet proof and cheap enough to just replace if needed.

One thing for sure these are lighter than metal and also quieter producing less reverb and compatible with the Acerbis Engine Guards. They look great once fitted as well.  

This is a specific for for the

- HONDA CRF 300 L 2021 2022 2023



  • Design studied for optimal protection of the frame and engine.
  • The impact resistant material effectively protects against stones, earth and mud.
  • Flexible, lightweight plastic reduces vibration and surface damage to the frame and engine.
  • The air intakes are designed to ensure excellent ventilation of the engine, while reducing the entry of gravel, earth and mud.
  • Intuitive and quick assembly / disassembly for normal engine maintenance and washing operations.


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