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KTM 390 X-Perience Tractive Rear Shock - Upgrade

KTM 390 X-Perience Tractive Rear Shock - Upgrade

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Upgrade your stock KTM 390 Adventure with this simply incredible shock. Tractive are probably in the top 10 suspension specialists in the world. Offering incredible value for money and a serious upgrade for your KTM 390 ADV. 

We have partnered with a long established, well respected and ex-Dakar mechanic Martin Wittering to be able to offer you TracTive suspension. 

After you purchase we will email you so your new KTM 390 ADV Rear shock will arrive ready to go with all base settings already set and sprung to your weight and needs. Please look out for this email and be ready to answer the following, every Tractive Shock is setup just for you! 

Rider Weight: 
Intended Use
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This shock absorber uses a damping shim stack specifically developed for its application. The aluminum shock absorber housing creates maximum thermal stability by optimal heat removal. Not only leads this to stable performance but also to a longer lifetime of the shock and its oil. To create the best performance for every model we use high flow pistons, low friction seals, and dedicated shimstacks. We use heavy duty components like microfinished induction hardened quenched&tempered 42CrMo 16mm piston rods, best quality bearings and stainless steel bushings. Every shock can be opened and serviced, or tuned for the customer’s application. For all shocks there is a range of springs from softer than standard till harder.

This shock is the choice for customers that want to adjust damping between different tracks or want to have optimal damping control. Using the rebound adjuster, the damping is adjusted with approximately 18 clicks. Every clicker adjustment brings a noticeable change in damping level.

The main advantage of a damper with an external reservoir is that the shock absorber contains significantly more oil and also shows significantly more cooling surface than a shock absorber without a reservoir. It additonally offers the tuning capabilities to control the compression (ingoing) oil flow. Two separate adjusters control the damping respectivily at low shock absorber speed (slow undulations in the track/road) and at high shock absorber speed (sudden bumps or holes). The fixed piggybag fits nicely within the motorbike frame.

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