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T7 Skid Plate - Bash Plate

T7 Skid Plate - Bash Plate

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Tenere 700 Skid plates are an essential add-on for adventuring off the beaten track, whether it is your local Green Lane or crossing the Greek mountains, this light weight and therefore quiet bash plate adds and essential layer of protection to the underbelly of your T7

Free fitting in KT3 or Free Postage, please allow 4-6 days for delivery.


  • Next generation sub-engine made with high strength plastic with integrated fin
  • Fin designed to protect the shock absorber linkage from impacts, mud and sand. It allows you to slide easily on natural obstacles ensuring a smooth ride. The design ensures maximum adherence to the link
  • Impact resistant material effectively protects against stones, earth and mud.
  • Flexible and lightweight plastic reduces vibration and surface damage to chassis and engine
  • The air intakes are designed to give more lightness, aeration and facilitate the washing operations inside the sub-engine, reducing the entrance of gravel, earth and mud.
  • Using the original bindings of the bike the assembly/ disassembly is intuitive to facilitate the normal maintenance and washing of the engine.
  • Extended protection areas on the side housings, on the water pump and in the chassis areas
  • Compatible with X-Power crankcase / ignition and clutch Protection 


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