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Giant Loop

Tail Rack by Giant Loop NEW

Tail Rack by Giant Loop NEW

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  • No more wire gates
  • Square bolt pattern to mount the Tail Rack in either orientation
  • Better compatibility with mounting straps on MoJavi, Coyote, Klamath Tail Rack Pack, Possible Pouch, Armadillo Bag, Cactus Canteen, etc.
  • More refined finished (anodized, not powder coated)

DSE Comment: We love the original Tail Rack and used it for years, however the new version really updates this simple to install Enduro Tail Rack. The ability to mount in any direction with symetric holes is a winner and although we never had any issue with the wiregates removing them make this far more functional. 

In addition it comes with longer bolts and spacers to make strapping easier and a better fit for more curved rear tails. Really a simple but massive improvement. 



  • Dimensions: 5″ wide x 8″ long x .5″ tall.
  • Square bolt hole pattern.
  • Includes 4x stainless steel button head bolts, 4x stainless steel nylock nuts, 4x stainless steel washers, 4x aluminum spacers.
  • Weight: 8oz including hardware.
  • Capacity: Limit total load to 10 lbs. maximum.
  • Designed to provide secure anchor points for Giant Loop Saddlebags, NOT to support heavy loads.
  • Multiple webbing attachment slots.
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