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Giant Loop

Tow Strap

Tow Strap

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The Giant Loop Tow Strap is a multi-functional tool that helps get you or your riding friends out of sticky situations. Not only that it has also been used to put up a tarp for extra cover at night! 

This Cordura® tow strap, designed with sewn loops on each end, can be girth hitched around a tree, bumper, rock, etc.; or used with footpeg-to-footpeg or other motorcycle (and snowmobile, ATV, snow bike) towing techniques. Constructed in the USA from ultra-durable custom woven Cordura® webbing, which folds up into a compact integrated cover made with 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester, or what we like to call “truckers tarp.”

An essential tool for riding, small and compact. 

Can I choose the colour? Unfortunately not, it is lucky dip! mostly we have black and grey and occasionally orange but we can not guarantee  what colour will be sent as it will depend on what we have at the time. 


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