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USB and 12V charger

USB and 12V charger

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We all need to power something on our bikes, this brilliant handlebar mounted (other areas also possible!) charging unit lets you do just that. It comes with 2x 5 volt 2amp usb ports for charging those essential items AND a 12volt socket for those accessories that need a bit more power like a tyre pump or airpump for a matress etc. 

It wires direct to the battery and has an inbuilt fuse with an on-off switch to stop any batter drain when off to the USB ports. PLEASE NOTE the 12V is permanently live.

This is really cool! easy to fit and not expensive at all, a great addition to any adventure bike. 

Manufacturers Description 

Are you looking for an easily accessible charger that supports both 12V and 5V port outputs?  If the answer is yes the motorcycle / scooter handlebar mounting charging solution could be exactly what your looking for.  Boasting 2x 5V USB ports and an always on 12V output this charger will charger / power everything you could ever need.



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