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Waterproof Knee Length Socks

Waterproof Knee Length Socks

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Sealskinz waterproof knee length socks are a brilliant addition to your motorcycle adventures! Knee length are the best even with waterproof boots, did you know you can also use them in the desert! The are hydrophilic which means it will not let water in  but also draws water towards it, namely sweat. coupled with a Merino wool inner to regulate temperature and stop stinky feet and a harder wearing outer to well make it last longer these when properly looked after will last for ages. (i have some that are over 10 years old and still going strong!

Top Tips! wash inside out, don't use harsh cleaners and on a low temp wash, dry inside out naturally then the right way round DO NOT tumble dry or put them on a heat source like a radiator they will be ruined!

Fun fact! I worked at Sealskinz for 4 years and before that wore Sealskinz for all sorts of activities not just motorcycling, I am and always have been a massive fan. When you work there everyone does a day on the production line and you make your own pair of socks! Brilliant. When they say they are hand made in the UK, they really are!

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